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December- January:  CWC was blessed by our kids play for Christmas Eve service.  CWC is looking forward to a great 2018.   

Sept - November:  The Lord continues to bless CWC.  VBS, Harvest Party and "Testimonies of Thanksgiving" we awesome.  God is working in great ways. If you are looking for a home church, then check us out.  


August:  The Lord continues to bless.  5 have received the Holy Ghost, and 1 was baptized.  CWC is thankful to the Lord for revival & growth. 

May-July:  The Lord has been blessing Coeur d Alene Worship Center with revival & growth.   

Easter Week:  Had a great revival with Evangelist Mark Winters.  We had great services with many renewed/refilled/filled for the first time.  One was baptized on Easter Sunday.  CWC is thankful for all the first time guests that visited and hope they were blessed.  Revival in the NW.

March 2017:  March was a blessed month at CWC.  Their were a couple services completely saturated with the power of God and gifts of the Spirit.  CWC is excited about what God is doing.  Harvest and Revival.

Jan-Feb 2017: 

CWC is off to a great year with four people being baptized in Jesus name.  Great services, great move of God.

Great Testimonies of Thanksgiving Service:  What an incredible service hearing about the numerous miracles God has performed in the lives of His people.  Many also testified of their thankfulness for a church that is like a family.  It was definitely a service where people left encouraged at God's goodness in so many lives.

Steve Grohman:  CWC was blessed by the ministry of Steve & Dana Grohman and his "Walk in Faith" sessions.  6 hours of teaching dealing with healing.  The teaching is designed to deal with root causes of sickness; how to identify root causes and how to deal with them.  Several have testified to being inwardly healed of long standing things in their lives.  This was an absolutely life changing series. 

CDA Camp Meeting:  Rejoicing over two being baptized and one being refilled.  God is at work and CWC is excited.  One person baptized is 99 years old and received the revelation of Jesus name baptism on Friday night. 

August 8-15:  Mark Yandris absolutely blessed Coeur d Alene Worship Center.  He is a gifted song writer and musician.  Breakthroughs happened.  Prophecies also given to CWC of great revival and harvest.  CWC is humbled and thankful for the blessings of God.

July:  CWC is rejoicing with Matthew being baptized in Jesus name.


Pastor Jones was invited to minister to the churches in Barbados by Missionary Henry Ritchie.  The Lord blessed his travels and the services he was privileged to minister in.  The churches in Barbados are on fire and ripe for a tremendous harvest.  The pastors in Barbados, along with Bro Ritchie, are doing a great job.  Please join CWC in praying for the churches in Barbados, that God will give them a Book of Acts revival.

Some video clips have been posted in the Media section of this website. 

April 24

CWC is rejoicing with Doug being baptized in the name of Jesus.  :-)


CWC hopes you like our new website.  Their are still a few areas that need some finishing touches, but overall, the site is active and mostly completed. 

March & April were blessed of the Lord.  Evangelist Mark Winters blessed CWC with his ministry and we look forward to having him back with us.  The Lord also filled a couple people with the Holy Ghost, and a couple people were baptized in Jesus Name.  CWC is also thankful for the Lord adding to His church by saving people and bringing new people in.  CWC is which we thank the Lord for it. 

Stay tuned for more...


The Lord healed a precious saint of cancer.  She was diagnosed with it by her doctors, but were unable to locate where it was.  They had her take a full body scan to locate the cancer.  When she went in for the test results.....their was no cancer.  To God be all the glory!!!  A couple weeks after she was diagnosed, the Lord moved in a mid week service.  A prayer line took place and many were prayer for.  After that service and being prayed for, she said she had a peace about everything.  It was a week and a half later that the doctors said she had no cancer.  CWC is thankful to God for His mercy and healing touch. The question was not if she had cancer....but where.  Then the Lord showed up and healed this precious lady. 


January was a month of blessing.  The Lord filled two people with the Holy Ghost, and one was baptized in Jesus name.

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